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Job completed for Flood Cleanup and Mitigation Lexington, SC

Flood Cleanup and Mitigation Lexington, SC

  • Date | 07/04/2022
  • Location | Lexington, SC
Why did the customer contact us?

Flood Cleanup and Mitigation

Solution Provided :

The team at Kingsley was called for a washing machine overflow that had turned into a flooding situation. Three rooms were impacted, including bedrooms near the laundry room. The team helped to remove all damaged and wet possessions from the rooms and then began the drying process with dehumidifiers and air movers. Insurance claims needed to be made, and the team from Kingsley was able to help the homeowner to document and describe the problem that had led to the flooding. The homeowner did not have to pay anything upfront due to this effort by the team on their behalf.

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