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It is hard for any Fairfield County resident or business owner to predict when and what sort of water damage will strike. When a leak, burst, storm, or flood does result in costly water damage repairs, timing is everything. The sooner you notify a certified water damage restoration contractor, the more likely they will be able to minimize ongoing and future damage, protect your personal belongings and save your property. If your property has been affected by water damage, reach out to Kingsley LLC right away. Our water damage experts are on call waiting to help you in your time of need.

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Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

In this time of unpredictable weather or accidents, timeliness is a crucial factor when it comes to repairing sudden damage to your home or building. Water has the potential to be a powerful force and can drive the resale value of your property way down without notice. We have a team of insured and experienced technicians ready to tackle even the toughest of water removal and drying assistance needs. As one of the top water damage restoration specialists in Fairfield County, Kingsley LLC promises that you will be in good hands when you choose us – we aim to bring relief to what is normally an extremely stressful and unexpected event.

Paying For Water Damage Restoration

Water damage mitigation is the only industry we know of that asks you to sign a contract allowing us to perform all necessary restoration services without giving a cost upfront. This is standard practice in our industry, as it is nearly impossible to know how exactly how long a material will take to dry or if you have particleboard flooring that will have to be removed. There are countless scenarios that will affect the end bill. Insurance companies know and expect this, and will almost never disagree with a water damage mitigation bill. Their main concern is getting you dried out and safe. After the threat has subsided, they can then negotiate the costs of rebuilding your home.

Selecting the Right Contractor

We are a full-time water damage and mold remediation specialists. Carpet cleaners, plumbers, and many other industries are starting to offer water damage restoration in their services. Do not be fooled into thinking they can offer the same quality as a company that specializes in water mitigation and is constantly continuing education in the field. We stick to what we know – that is restoring your home to its pre-existing condition quickly, safely, and cost-efficiently. Water damage and mold remediation are highly unregulated, which means anybody can claim to be a water damage or mold removal expert. A word of caution – dead mold can cause the same health effects as living mold. For this reason. it is never ok to “treat” mold and leave it. If you killed a mouse in your house, would you leave it? No. Mold is the same way, treatment doesn’t make it disintegrate, it’s still there and you’re still breathing it. Unfortunately, even some nationally recognized companies are still offering treat and paint services. If you ever receive an estimate aimed at simply killing mold or painting over water damage, RUN AWAY.

Working With Kingsley LLC

In the event you need water damage restoration or have an emergency water leak that is actively causing damage, reach out to us as soon as possible. Do not hesitate, as waiting it out will only lead to further damage. Here are some of the reasons why homeowners in Fairfield County readily turn to Kingsley LLC:

Speak to Our Fairfield County Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Our licensed and insured contractors have extensive experience working to mitigate floods and water leaks in homes and buildings. For many years, Kingsley LLC has kept families and businesses safe through our 24/7 emergency water mitigation services. For more information about water damage restoration, or to get help immediately, schedule an appointment with us online or give us a call at 803.956.1083 today.

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Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust and unparalleled service quality. This is evidenced by our BBB A+ accreditation, A rating on Angie’s List, and the overwhelming number of positive reviews from our clients.


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